If you’re looking for great biology and science books to get, check out the Amazon Store I set up over here.

It’s like a library, with several categories:

In other words, all of my interests. The books run the gamut from überexpensive textbooks to tabletop pop. sci. books, although most are  undergrad to grad-level technical books. All come with my recommendation – no silly books to be found.

I hope that this will be a useful resource for students, or for teachers looking for a book to use in class. It’s also true that I get a small commission on any book purchased through there (5-10%), so it will also help my chronically unemployed ass if you buy them from here. It’s on (easiest for me in Cyprus), so anyone in Europe can get them without prohibitive shipping prices; if there is demand, I will set up a parallel store on the USA-based (it’s just a matter of repetitive manual labour to recreate everything).

The store is not exhaustive, obviously, and any additions will be noted in the weekly paper listings.

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28 12 2011
New Blog Section: Books « Teaching Biology

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10 01 2012
5 11 2012

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